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Spirulina, blue-green microalgae, and its healing properties are still using the ancient tribes of Mayas and Aztecs. The first findings are related to this area and the area of ​​saline Mexican lake.

            Today it is used in over 40 countries in the form of tablets, capsules or powder, and there are newer products such as pasta, cookies and cornflakes with spirulina. It is used in addition to fruit and vegetables, spices and cocktails. In cosmetics it is used in the form of creams, shampoos, masks, hair and skin ..

        The real boom in the use of spirulina dietetics dates from the early eighties of the twentieth century when it was discovered that her property due to the rich content of phenylalanine blocks the action of the appetite center.



            From 1990. This year, green superfoods gaining popularity so that each year of its users increased by 30%.

            New sources of spirulina from China and India have made it available and accessible to many people.

Chemical composition:

  1. fikocijanin, polysaccharides, sulfolipidi, cyanovirin,
  2. Vitamin B12 (10 times higher concentration than in beef liver)
  3. GLA - Vitamin F (the largest natural source gamalinoleinske acid after human milk)
  4. iron, (a 60% better bioavailability of iron in relation to pharmaceutical preparations of iron)
  5. Natural beta-carotene (more than 10 times higher concentration than in carrots)

            Thanks to this chemical composition of Spirulina has become a significant factor in a number of health programs.

We point out!

diet programs for regulation of the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates for reducing cholesterol and blood glucose levels independently of body weight reduction.
Antihypertensive program.
Programs to stimulate immunity and the effect of probiotic-bactericidal, fungicidal and virustatski through stimulation of immune response
Sprečavaje recurrent herpes infections and human papilloma virus (HPV)
This effect is extremely important in view of the real epidemic of genital HPV infection localization, which can be a precursor to cervical malignancy. Spirulina is recommended in the form of tablets for seven days before and three weeks after surgery - laser evaporation.
Stimulation of interferon production in cells prevents immune system attacks the virus to cells is unaffected.

Because of this effect is also used for prevention of influenza particularly in the elderly.

There are articles on the importance of spirulina for the prevention of periodontitis, dental caries and stomatitis aftoznog.

The importance of Spirulina in medicine is expressed in a number of other programs such as:

Program for prevention of cancer of the oral cavity and the lungs of smokers, as well as recovery from the toxic effects of radiotherapy and cytostatic therapy.
Program of regulation of digestion multiplication Lactobacillus acidophilus , which facilitates digestion, protects against infection and candida immunostimulating effect.
The program for athletes and body builders, conditions after intense mental and physical effort.
Program for convalescents and underweight.
The program for the prevention of premature aging.
The program for the elderly in maintaining maximum fit
Program for pregnant and nursing mothers and baby food formula.
Positive effect of iron deficiency, zinc deficiency, hypo-vitaminosis A

Spirulina key players 

            Spirulina is a concentrated health food, has 60% protein, easy to digest, called the food for cosmonauts.

            It is especially recommended during fasting and after nicotine and alcohol intoxication.

            Recent publications include spirulina and programs for quitting smoking because it is considered that due to the high phenylalanine blocks the activity center for hunger, and over little known mediators acting on the center and addiction to nicotine. This aspect of the effects of spirulina is still under investigation.

            Favourable effect of spirulina in the general and local applications, to rehydrate, toning the skin, protect it from premature aging and prevent fotokancerogeneze used in dermatology and cosmetics.

            In cosmetics is used in addition to shampoos, conditioners, face creams, body packs, masks, skin and hair, the anti-age programs and programs for couperose. Uanti cellulite programs used in conjunction with the brown algae Laminaria and Fukushima.

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